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Miscellaneous > 17.6 Student Project

Leitsystem für Demenz-Erkrankte

by Teresa Kettner

A guidance system for patients suffering from dementia. This systems was designed to structurise and organise the housholds of patients suffering from dementia, creating an environment that enables the patients to feel safe and independent in their everyday life.
The system is based on cards, combined with pictogram and typographic stickers, that mark the place of important daily used items. It easily can be installed by the patients relatives. The density of information is adjustable to the patient’s needs.
In addition to the cards a calender, supporting temporal orientation, and an info-point, summarizing the key informations regarding the system, were designed as well. Furthermore functionality, variation possibilities, installation and background informations were resumed in a book.

  • Creative Directors Teresa Kettner
  • Art Directors Teresa Kettner
  • Designers Teresa Kettner
  • Illustrators Teresa Kettner
  • Photographers Patricia Plangger, Teresa Kettner
  • Editors Teresa Kettner
  • Copywriters
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