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Let’s Get Physical …. but don’t get to close

by studio de Ronners

AVL Mundo is a non-profit foundation, set up in 2008 by Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout. It is committed to creating ambitious, cultural programming that engages both local and international audiences and artists. From July 18th until October 4th 2020 people could visit the sculpture route ‘Let’s Get Physical’. While visiting the exhibition, of 30+ large scale pieces by Atelier Van Lieshout, people could explore the under-appreciated Merwevier-Havens (M4H) area of West-Rotterdam. The route was set up as a getaway inhabitants of Rotterdam who could not go on vacation due to the pandemic. As well as a celebration of the refound freedom of being outside and of physical activity. 

Brief + concept
We were commissioned to develop the campaign. ‘Let’s Get Physical’: the concept is in the name. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the longing for physical contact increases, whilst the 1.5-metre society asks to maintain distance. In the design we searched for rapprochement by using tight margins, squished typography, huge images and fleshy colours. Almost to close for comfort. 

Let’s Get physical… but don’t get to close. We combined Arial Black (a given design-requirement) with three iconic pieces by Joep Van Lieshout and placed both ingredients as big as possible, with the tightest typographic spacing possible, to play with physical proximity and accentuate the title ‘Let’s Get Physical’. Furthermore, we used the strongest colours from iconic pieces by Atelier Van Lieshout: the rusty metal of ‘Milkman’, the fleshy pink of ‘Power Hammer’ and stark white of ‘Wellness Skull’.

The posters were developed in print – to emphasize the activist and sticky, physical character – and in motion graphics. The motion graphics bring the iconic pieces by Atelier Van Lieshout to life in a cartoonish way. The “bump” strengthens the feeling of human proximity, as if you bump into the images while looking at it. More detailed information about the selected pieces, was found on the website, the printed route map and on the concrete blocks along the route. The design concept was broadly implemented on- and offline: from the website to posters, route map, flyers, stickers and the wayfinding of the sculpture route. We promoted the event on the AVL Mundo website, several social media platforms and on posters throughout Rotterdam.

‘Let’s Get Physical’ aims to creatively engage the public with the area in the west of Rotterdam. Since the event was accessible to everyone, from passers by to schooltrips, the number of visitors was immeasurable. Most importantly, this exhibition gave people the chance to be outside during the pandemic to enjoy culture and interact and play with the artworks.  

  • Creative Directors studio de Ronners
  • Art Directors Arwen Ronner, Matthijs Ronner
  • Designers Robbert Liekens, Wilfred van der Weide
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Atelier Van Lieshout, JW Kaldenbach and Rolant Dafis
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Karen Mertens
  • Motion design Marco Dalle Fratte
  • Photography documentation Gert Jan van Rooij
  • Film and Photography Festival Davids Danoss
  • Made possible by Stichting Droom en Daad, Urban Guides, Rotterdam Partners, M4H Rotterdam en Stichting AVL Mundo
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