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LEW Energiewelt

by LIQUID | Agentur für Gestaltung GbR

»LEW Energiewelt« – scenographic media design and implementation.
The task was to develop a scenography with multimedia and interactive solutions based on the architectural design by the architects. The objective of the finished scenography is to create a vibrant and diverse location.
An important aspect was to arouse the visitors’ curiosity in a way that would allow them to discover the services and products of the energy supplier Lechwerke AG in a playful manner. A comprehensible but varied presentation of widely spread thematic issues was therefore crucial.
The 260 m² big »LEW Energiewelt« needs to fulfil several tasks at once. As a consequence it’s not only a venue but also a place for brand presentation, service offers, consulting services and visualization of product functions.
The basic idea was developed: »Energie berührt« (touched by energy).
The store is the place where the visitor meets LEW for the first time, where he can memorize the products in a tactile manner and »grasp« the issues – in a double sense.
Best case scenario: the visitor feels emotionally »touched«.
Touching the installations (as suggested by hand symbols) is an intuitive manner of triggering information. All stations are constructed to be interactive and explorable.
Product table:
By placing 14 different objects on a markes spot, more detailed information of the object can be retrieved. The products are displayed in a self-illuminating shelf. They include an RFID sensor and are therefore automatically detected. The table has a touch-sensitive surface enabling the visitor to navigate through the presented information.
LEW value chain:
The three-dimensional wall (10 x 3 m) shows how energy is gained and distributed. Additionally, the »Smart Grid« is made understandable and tangible. By turning the wind wheels, the water turbines or by moving a cloud, wind, hydraulic and solar energy are »set free« by the visitor. The visitor grasps playfully how excess energy is being stored temporarily and discovers the way the energy flow is transported by the light lines to the consumers.
Energy solutions:
Solar panel, battery storage and heat pumps magically reveal their features and advantages: they appear to become »transparent«. Set off by touching, films are projected precisely onto the objects using »projection mapping«.
Three extensive sculptures are a special highlight: a waterfall pouring light, a metal sun disc and above the heads at the store’s ceiling, enormous floating clouds – all representing renewable energy sources. Through touching marked areas on an information terminal these objects can be influenced by the visitor. The sun is starting to beam, the waterfall is bubbling and the sound of rolling thunder is emanating from the clouds – energy is made perceptible.
The clouds only unfold their real magic after the store is closed: by activating sensors on the external facade, visitors can control the cloud projections by placement of their hand. Rhythm (controlling the colour), energy (speed) and intensity (amount) are influencing the clouds in real-time.

  • Creative Directors Amelie Düffert, Ilja Sallacz
  • Art Directors Amelie Düffert, Ilja Sallacz
  • Designers Amelie Düffert, Bettina Schwaigert
  • Illustrators Amelie Düffert, Bettina Schwaigert
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • technical director Leo Bergmann
  • film production Sönke Uden
  • sound Maximilian Nieberle
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