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Libri Manifesti


Design a campaign for the second edition of “La Festa del Libro”, a festival about books for children.
The conclusion of a reading promotion project lasting about a year.

Libri Manifesti is part of a reading promotion project for Primary Schools of Jesi (Italy) promoted by La Strada di Achille.
The main project is designed to offer to children, teachers and parents a conscientious bibliographic selection.
Libri Manifesti is a workshop for the production of posters after the book reading.
Here is the name explained:
Libri (Books), because they are the starting point for the pupils creativity, the origin of the artworks.
Manifesti (Posters), because the 70 x 100 cm posters are going to be the media of the pupils thoughts.
The project is designed to create a playground where children’s storytelling breaks free through a guided but not intrusive path.
From the private to the public, from the school to the streets, the artworks become the visuals for the upcoming festival campaign.

We have created a set of tools to guide children in their artworks.
The set contain a card with a selection of paragraphs from the read book, a 70 x 100 cm blank poster with a perforated grid, 2 kind of shapes (round and straight lines), a black sewing thread, split pins, scissors, glue and colored crayons.

Every poster is made by a group of 5/6 pupils. They have to work together.
The team take inspiration from the card and start sharing ideas.
First step is to build a workplace in the 70 x 100 blank poster with split pins and the black sewing thread.
After that they start to cut, paste and color the shapes for their poster.
The final step is to explain to their classmates the artwork.

The 383 children involved in the labs made more than 80 original artworks.
16 of them were selected, digitalized and posted in Jesi and neighboring municipalities.

  • Creative Directors Chris Rocchegiani, Roberto Montani
  • Art Directors Chris Rocchegiani, Roberto Montani
  • Designers Chris Rocchegiani, Roberto Montani
  • Illustrators Primary School Pupils of Jesi - AN (Italy)
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • COLLABORATIONS Comune di Jesi, Associazione Culturale Hamelin, Fondazione Pergolesi Spontini, Nati per Leggere, Pensiero Manifesto
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