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Licht Verdicht

by YURR Studio

“We were looking for a special representation of ‘Licht Verdicht’, building on top of existing buildings. With Yurr we have been able to create a beautiful book that shows the layers of stacking that this project is about in the publication.” -Jutta Hinterleitner (BNA)

The township of Rotterdam wants more houses in the city center. By building a layer on top of an existing building, we can create more houses without using more space and without having to tear down existing unique architecture from the reconstruction period. This phenomenon is called ‘optoppen’ (to top up). 

In 2016, 7 interdisciplinary teams research the ‘uptopping’ possibilities of 3  buildings in Rotterdam. the teams consists of architects, structural engineers, urban planners, cultural historians et cetera. The researches of these teams are bundled by BNA, Branchevereniging Nederlandse Architectenbureaus (Industry association for Dutch architects) into this book: Licht Verdicht (Light Compressed).
Unique about this book is not only that is has been made by 7 teams (and a 8th team of the people who designed, pressed and bonded the book), but also the unique lay out. The book consists of uptoppping pages, which means the concept of uptopping has been used to top up pages. This gives a clear sight on the conceptual ideas of the 7 teams. The book binder also did a uncommon feature: a normal bind has 5 sewing stitches, we omitted the middle one and have sewn it OTAstar with ABBA/ZAPPA sections. The hardcover is made with real thick cardboard and has been glued on after the actual book was finished. 6 different kinds of paper have been used and 5 fonts.  

  • Creative Directors Yurr Rozenberg
  • Art Directors Yurr Rozenberg
  • Designers Rob van Berkel, Jake van Dijk
  • Illustrators -
  • Photographers -
  • Editors Willemijn de Jonge, Jutta Hinterleitner, Marc Ibelings
  • Copywriters Catja Edens, Hans Ibelings, Esther Heemskerk
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