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Illustration > 15.2 Corporate Illustration

Light Your Way Up - Visual identity illustrations

by Caparo design crew

TEDx Anogeia is the experiment between a multinational force of extraversion, innovation and brainstorming and a strong domestic core of culture, art, and live historic collective memory. The opposing forces explode into ideas worth spreading, through your own character and openness. — -The idea- North and South, two outstanding civilizations armed with knowledge, unite their strength and meet in the Mediterranean top in Crete, Greece in a battle against darkness and oblivion. Their victory lights the way up to the top and becomes a luminous guide for everyone’s personal top. — -Light Your Way Up- “Where there is light, there is also darkness. Κnowledge is gοne. And people are haunted. Κnowledge. A primordial battle. It is something mysterious. Connects present with the past. Connects North and South. Κnowledge. Exists within each of us.  It may signal the birth or destruction. The beginning or the end. However, the choice is ours. We only have to follow the path. Walking alone in the dark. Your only weapon is knowledge to… Light Your Way Up”.

  • Creative Directors Caparo
  • Art Directors
  • Designers -
  • Illustrators -
  • Photographers Kostas Gikas
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Katerina Vaimaki
  • Printing (booklet, lyers) Psillidis
  • Animated Videos (Motion Direction / Animation / Production) Odd Bleat (Manos Gerogiannis / Yannis Zoumakis)
  • Sound design / Rec mix / Edit / Sound manipulation MD Recording Studio / Nikos Μichalodimitrakis, Dimitris Sakellaris
  • Additional sounds Cretan lute / Mandolin (Kostas Kaparos) / Cretan lyre (Telis Papadakis)
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