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Ligne B - Invitation au Havre

by Non Standard

Ligne B – Invitation au Havre is a special book. To start, it is a novel, with 15 chapters written and named after the 15 stops of the tram B in Le Havre: each chapter’s name influences the novel content, built as a metaphore. This tram line starts at The Beach, a pretty rich area, goes through the beautiful city built in rough concrete by Auguste Perret after the terrible bombing of 1944, and ends in a modest suburb on the small hill of Caucriauville.
The novel tells the story of Paul and Colette, a couple or retired people, living next to The Beach tram stops, they have no children, their life is a bit empty and boring. They take the tram for the first time to go and visit a temporary Pompidou Museum located in Caucriauville. There, they meet with Océane, a young woman full of energy and hopes. Océane will change their lives. The novel is an opportunity to think of the relationships between areas within a city, the role of the tram, the power of human relationships and friendship.
Each chapter is illustrated by a serie of photographs, taken on the tram line, left hand side and right hand side (two focus, two spreads). As a result, the book intertwins novel and photographs, telling a social (but not boring) story of endearing characters from Le Havre.
To play with the usual voice of a tramway, the novel welcomes a serie of pictograms that make an echo with the characters. The pictograms underline the metaphore and the key scenes of the book. They are designed as sequences, running through the pages.
The tram stops/chapter names are so strong in terms of evocations (The Beach, City Council, Court House, Train Station, University, Round About, Jenner, Curie, Verlaine, Schuman, Saint Peter…) that in the end, Ligne B raises the question: what if our life would be like a tram trip and what do we do with the stops?
Ligne B has been printed and bound with state of the art professionals in the Netherlands.

  • Creative Directors Elodie Boyer
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Patrick Doan
  • Illustrators Patrick Doan
  • Photographers Elodie Boyer
  • Editors Elodie Boyer & Jean Segui
  • Copywriters Jean Segui
  • Printer LenoirSchuring, Amstedam
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