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Lingua Simplex - Language play. Language learning.

by Amelung Design GmbH

Simple learning, that is the approach, by playful & interactive language learning. Language is communication! And that is exactly the challenge to produce an excellent educational language game for everybody. Both for adults & for children. The task is to create for all ages an education game with a high visible & attractive packaging design concept. One of the oldest game in the world is pairs game. Normally a pairs game consists of 2 identical picture pairs. Based on that, we have changed this. So that Lingua Simplex consists of one card with explanatory symbols and one text card with verbs. The text cards have to be read out loud and clear to all other players, which our game packs looks like. We developed 5 games for learning basic knowledge of verbs. Each game pack represents by a character with a typical geographical origin and nationality of their country. Countries which have stereotyped characters, so that each game pack personifies a character for the learning language inside. The game packs can be expressed in new ways of interacting with players, seeking to create a direct & personalized dialogue. By pushing upwards & the other downwards the slip lid. The characters will be transformed & the character-expressions changed in a funny playful manner, which supports the clichés. The mouths of each packs must become longer or shorter. ”Speaking” over/with game packs. Learning by speaking. Best in a playful way, because by playing we are known to learn most successfully. In this sense: Language play. Language learning.

  • Creative Directors Jonathan Sven Amelung
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Jonathan Sven Amelung
  • Illustrators Angela Wittchen
  • Photographers
  • Editors Dipl.-Ing. Alicia Maritza Amelung M.A.
  • Copywriters
  • Idea Jonathan Sven Amelung
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