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by Verve by Vruchtvlees

Literatuurmuseum (Museum of Literature) is an online museum. This is the place where stories are told about the greatest writers in Dutch history. Based on wonderful archive pieces from the collection of the Literary Museum, visitors can wander through the rich works and lives of the most famous Dutch authors.

The website is aimed at lovers of literature, but also scientists, teachers and students. The goal of the website is to bring a broad group of people in contact with literature, and to create an online literature community. 
Go on a trip with F.W. Hermans, climb aboard with Slauerhoff and listen to his LPs, fly through the decades of the life of Campert, listen to the letters that Fritzi Harmsen ter Beek exchanged with her love… All this in a unique and user-friendly environment, courtesy of Verve by Vruchtvlees.

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