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by Morphoria Design Collective

We were asked to come up with the overall concept and design for a cookbook as a charity project. For us the quality of urban life, stands and falls mainly with the wellbeing of its inhabitants. Therefore, we wanted to contribute not only in everyday life but beyond. How can we combine our skills to help those less fortunate than we are? 

We cooked, photographed, wrote and designed to create a book filled with the favorite recipes of four of Duesseldorf´s finest chefs. The revenue is going directly and 100% to four selected local social organizations. 

We gathered the network to create content and a visual appearance that needed to reflect the contemporary and high quality cuisine featured in the Book. For us the characteristics of good food is not only reflected by its processing but its initial quality of the ingredients. This is why we chose a photography style that was not intended to be flattering but honest. Every aspect had to correlate with the typographic simplicity to not outshine the initial purpose, to cook.

  • Creative Directors Daniela Herweg, Alexandros Michalakopoulos, Andreas Ruhe; Marco Schmidt
  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Pavel Becker, Nora Luther, Christian Rolfes
  • Editors Kristin Braun
  • Copywriters Kristin Braun
  • Print Das Druckhaus Digital
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