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LUKS Magazin #3

by HAW Hamburg

LUKS is an illustration-magazine which is yearly published by the Department Design of the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg. Each monothematic issue showcases the high potential of the illustration studies. Even if LUKS refers to the university context it is a real project which is edited and realized by a changing group of students. 
LUKS #3 deals with the subject »taboo« which was not only influencing the illustrations of over 60 different illustrators but also the whole design and concept of this issue. The black-in-black cover which is playing with techniques like screen printing and laser etching as well as the Japanese binding which is hiding the illustrations at first sight are pursuing the concept.
Besides the involved students of the magazine the issue was cooperating with different writers, poets or journalists from all over Germany. Some texts were rarely written on this occasion.
The magazine was financed by crowd founding and the income of the first two issues. To keep the attention of the community the development of LUKS #3 was accompanied with 5 short videoblogs and a final »Making Of« video. Because issue #2 was sold out after 2 month, issue #3 was produced with 1250 copies – as double as the earlier issue.
The release of LUKS #3 was accompanied by a big exhibition in Hamburg, which was showcasing the original artworks from the magazine, live music and a lot of public attention.
The new website of LUKS Magazin (luksmagazin.de) was launched simultaneously with issue #3. The magazine is now available in a lot of design book stores all over Germany and via the »Slanted« Onlineshop.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Pia Bublies, Lynn Dohrmann, Laura von Husen, Christoph Kleinstück, Ute Lederer, Patrick Mariathasan
  • Illustrators around 60 different illustration students
  • Photographers
  • Editors Mathias Barth, Pia Bublies, Lynn Dohrmann, Amrei Fiedler, Julia Hoße, Annike Marie Hölzer, Laura von Husen, Christoph Kleinstück, Adrian Kottmann, Ute Lederer, Laura Lünenbürger, Patrick Mariathasan, Verena Muckel, Barbara Ott, Nadine Pedde, Russlan, Lena Schmid
  • Copywriters
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