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Lux Nemus

by Great Apes

Lux Nemus is an interactive projection experience and a part of Metsä Group’s visitor centre Pro Nemus. It consists of a collection of custom built walls featuring Metsä’s wood, fibre, and other innovative products.
The product collages are enriched with projections, enabling visitors to interact with the walls through a touch screen. The visitor can highlight individual products and explore and learn more about them through unique light projections.
The core of the installation is to showcase how Metsä Group utilizes every part of a tree as efficiently as possible for the purpose which creates the most value.

  • Creative Directors Constantin Freche, Niko Spilä, Lukasz Geratowski. Noora Maijala, Julius Meriläinen
  • Art Directors Lukasz Geratowski, Constantin Freche, Julius Meriläinen, Noora Maijala
  • Designers Julius Meriläinen, Pertti Raami, Riikka Forsström, Lukasz Geratowski, Constantin Freche, Niko Sipilä, Pancho Nikander
  • Illustrators Lukasz Geratowski, Johanna Tyrkkö
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Developers Timo Virtanen, Mikko Saario
  • Motion Designer Lukasz Geratowski
  • Photographer Pasi Salminen
  • Account Director Christina Hietala
  • Lead Agency dentsu Finland
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