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by Creuna

Lyderia is the result of close collaboration between Creuna and Rikskonsertene, a state-funded cultural organisation in Norway. Their mission has been to expose school children to as much high-quality live music as possible. Lyderia is the world’s first ‘MMOMMG’, or ‘Massively Multiplayer Online Music Making Game’, tailor-made for 10-12 year-olds.

Rikskonsertene have been organising bi-annual concerts for every school in Norway since 1968. These concerts have been really successful, though Rikskonsertene had even higher ambitions: to maintain children’s interest in music all year long. To do that they realised they needed to actively engage Norwegian children with music in the digital channels they use all the time. Lyderia is already helping Rikskonsertene to strengthen the school concert experience both before and after the concerts take place.

With Lyderia the experience is the brand. It is a unique service that has helped to extend Rikskonsertene’s sphere of influence to their target audience and beyond: an opportunity to boost children’s learning, understanding and enjoyment of music. Lyderia is a safe, modern social arena built for sharing and exchange. It’s also an example of how a government body can transform itself through innovation, to become future-oriented and still relevant.

Under the bonnet there’s plenty of cutting-edge technology. Lyderia makes extensive use of the Web Audio API and only supports browsers that have support for this w3c standard. Rikskonsertene are now able to build rich and challenging musical experiences via ‘Mission Control’, the task-centric CMS that Creuna built especially for Lyderia. This CMS connects Rikskonsertene to both pupils and teachers across the country. Lyderia is also available on desktop, iOS and Android.

Lyderia has already been well-received, with coverage on two major Norwegian news channels and in numerous articles since its launch. The target for Lyderia was to gain 30,000 registered users in its first year, and since it’s launch in September there are already 10,000 registered users. A second season of content is under development and extended functionality is planned in 2016.

  • Creative Directors Stein Sørlie
  • Art Directors
  • Designers James McKay, Bjørn Endre Langeland
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Caroline Hambro
  • Copywriters
  • Project Managers Petter Høistad, Kjetil Moen
  • Tech Leads Werner Grini, Christian Hochlin
  • Interaction Designer Terese Skavhaug
  • Lead Front-end Developer Yonas Sandbæk
  • Front-end Developers William Almnes, Camilla Kjelstrup Larsen
  • App Lead Kent Robin Haugen
  • Content production Sølve Huse-Amundsen
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