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Maallust Brewery

by studio de Ronners

Project Description Alcohol Category
Beer brewery Maallust is located in the former grain mill of the Veenhuizen prison village. The history of this place is closely intertwined with the Society of Humanitarianism, established in 1818. Beggars, tramps, widows and orphans were offered the chance at a fresh start. To this day, a penitentiary is operated in Veenhuizen. 
The name and design of Maallust draw on the old penal-colony’s illustrious past. The name points to the old grain mill where the beer is now brewed. The beers remind us of the people that played a leading role in the village. The characters correspond to the type of beer, such as the Zware Jongen [Tough Guy] (Triple) and De Kolonist [The Colonist] (a Weizen beer).
The typeface was developed based on historical typography that can be found throughout Veenhuizen. A facade of the grain mill carries the pedagogical text ’Order and Discipline’. The colors of the labels match the archetypal colors, befitting of the types of beer, such as light-blue for the Weizen beer. The colors further reference the old industrial character of the brewery. Ocher and petrol are good examples that are prevalent amongst the colors of industriousness in and around Veenhuizen.
The use of pure materials such as cover cardboard, sackcloth and wood for the packaging is inspired by the Society of Humanitarianism’s vision. Simplicity, sobriety and functionality always came first. The labels equally embody this vision. The typeface, black framing and full stop after the brand name Maallust provide a characteristic and powerful look, befitting of this brewery.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Matthijs Ronner & Arwen Ronner
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Robert Glas
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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