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by Side2

Magnus magazine supposed to be ambitious and inspirational lifestyle magazine. Client (one of the biggest private bank in our region) don’t interfere with the content and form of the magazine. It is not a standard magazine for clients ? it doesn’t content an advertising for bank products and any PR articles as well. It is unique and unusually generous project in private banking sector, especially in Czech-Slovak business. There is enough space for editors and designers to create each thematic issue. Magazine for friends. Let be inspired by each other. Noblesse Oblige.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Marius Corradini, Olga Benesova, Tomas Machek
  • Designers Marius Corradini
  • Illustrators various contributors
  • Photographers various contributors
  • Editors Senior Editor Joachim Dvorak
  • Copywriters
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