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Makhno Architects

by Vintage

Sergey Makhno is Ukrainian interior designer and architect, who actively participate in the evolution of the industry. He conducted his personal exhibition of interior design products and presented book and movie as well. He became the trendsetter, aimed to share his philosophy and inspiration.
Sergey Makhno paid a lot of attention to details, because namely they create the ambience in the space. That’s why he needed the website, which will reflect his personality.

Current situation
Sergey Makhno evolved his creativity. He is a mentor for future architects and designers, time to time conducts lectures, seminars, and workshops in global world trends of design and art. 
But it is still hard for Ukrainian designer to conquer the international market with the lack of personal contact. Website becomes the only way Sergey can introduce himself to the customer. 
We needed to combine all his works, videos and articles in the one system to display his way of creation.

We traced the decision journey of Sergey’s target audience and figured out that they need to know designer better, before they’ll trust him with their apartment.
We researched sites of competitors as well. We noticed, other designers pay all attention at the portfolio and do not give customer the opportunity to feel the way of creator’s thoughts. 
That is why we combined Sergey’s videos, portfolio and blog to create his online portrait and let his costumers know him better.

Primarily, we created the web site which stands out from the cluster. Website which improves Sergey’s image and raise the level of his works even higher.

  • Creative Directors Ievgen Kudriavchenko
  • Art Directors Olga Shevchenko
  • Designers Anna Dzhulii
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Dariia Getmanchuk
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