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Marlet AntiManifesto XXL Compendium

by Parachute

AntiManifesto is an oversized (500x700mm) typographic compendium for the new feminine, accompanied by two posters and a comprehensive type specimen.
Whilst trendlessness is conquering the fashion industry and influencers of any kind are pushing their agenda for nothing, the Woman in the post #MeToo era is reclaiming her place in a world ruled mostly by men and she does it with elegance. This is not a manifesto. This is a compendium that celebrates Féminité Extraordinaire. Filled with data and words of feminine wisdom, Parachute’s Anti-Manifesto is not a guidebook to live by, but an inspiring, unconventional, dark, illuminating, witty celebration of the enigmatic nature of woman.
In the event of Parachute’s latest typeface release, PF Marlet, this is a complimentary compendium of the female voices that matter. From Greta Thunberg’s teenage activism for climate change, to Jacinda Ardern’s urgent call for a change in politics with values, and MacKenzie Bezos’ valuable tech philanthropy, through Pamela Anderson’s revolutionary evolution as a political figure against the many, or Rihanna’s superpowered influence in fashion and beauty, to the feminist porn director by the name Erika Lust who reclaims a long lost sensuality, this publication brings the voices of the women who define our era in all its printed glory.
Part of the AntiManifesto Compendium are 2 female empowered posters to channel the energy of the New Woman: The first one reads “Féminité Extraordinaire” whereas the second one is a reworking of the national French motto “Liberté, Égalité, Féminité”. Set in PF Marlet, Parachute’s latest elegant humanist typeface, the poster reclaims endangered values for all.
To further enhance the essence of the PF Marlet type system in this limited publication, we collaborated with fashion photographer Bill Georgoussis who was inspired by Marlet’s fierce attitude, encapsulating the typeface’s character in 10 large format portraits.

  • Creative Directors Panos Vassiliou
  • Art Directors Manos Daskalakis
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Bill Georgoussis
  • Editors Loukas Karnis
  • Copywriters
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