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Dubai has historically pioneered exceptional quality of life and an unparalleled business environment. Embracing technological innovation, it has ambitions to become the most efficient, safest, happiest and inspirational city in the world. To support the vision of ‘Smart Dubai’, the Dubai Land Department launched the app ‘Mashrooi’, a knowledge platform that provides developers and investors with accurate, trustworthy information on progress of real-estate projects in Dubai. We were asked to reimagine and redefine the existing ‘Mashrooi’ app, enhancing the version, to make it the most advanced, powerful tool for information about real-estate projects in Dubai. To meet this requirement, we met with the client in an iterative process of workshops and discussions, discovering together the best method to proactively inform the target audience with the best content. Based on our findings, we rebuilt the app from the ground up, rebranding Mashrooi, updating the design and including new features and functionality.
As a functional platform, the creativity of the app lies in the additional features and capabilities provided to the target audience. To service them in the best possible manner, we devised new means to inform them of construction projects in Dubai and their impact on the surroundings. Each project features up-to-date progress reports and photographs from location inspectors. Data visualizations, Augmented Reality, drone and live feeds enable them to monitor projects in unique ways. By implementing these new technologies, we allow the target audience to experience the development process in a refreshing fashion. Consequently, we set a new standard for the real-estate industry and the means by which to update and involve stakeholders in the building process. The ease of access to this information communicates the transparency and trustworthiness that reflects the authority the platform has within the Dubai real-estate market.
Targeted at developers and investors, busy professionals who want to remain current on activities within the real-estate market, Mashrooi is a knowledge platform that provides them with accurate, trustworthy information on progress, investment opportunities and innovation in real-estate in Dubai. The app is the first stepping stone in the Mashrooi platform which focuses on real-estate, project progress and managing legislation. We identified opportunities for further development and the most important areas to be improved upon to better inform the target audience. To ensure we achieve the best and most coherent user experience, we analyzed a number of real-estate platforms to determine what was already on offer in the sector. With those findings, we explored different ways to visualize and experience the future of real estate in Dubai. We added new features that would benefit developers and investors, such as the latest IoT solutions (Augmented Reality and Live feeds).
Taking the buildings and their structure as a design element, we are able to show the progress of a specific project and the expected completion in a compelling, interactive interface. Visualizing the invisible network connections between projects and the city through the use of subtle lines, creates an image that tells the story of Dubai’s commitment to being the world’s smartest city. Using the environment as a design tool, we incorporated elements, such as the desert and sea in the color palette, to create a subliminal sensation of Dubai’s unique natural surroundings. The visual elements are clean, solid and open; conveying trust and transparency, which are the core values of the Mashrooi platform.

  • Creative Directors Thomas Clever, Gert Franke, Mohamed Said, Islam Zayed
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Joseph Chrisman, Joost Mommers,
  • Illustrators Roel de Jonge, Pietro Lodi
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Alok Mohan,
  • Motion Design Joost Mommers
  • Prototype Mark Haasjes
  • Account Management Nada Kassem
  • Production Jasmin Zaki
  • Data and Technology exploration and Prototyping Wilco Tomassen
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