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Coming up with a name for the company we did not try to use a language that would explain or convey what we do as a company.  Nor does the word Mayonnaise literally reference a condiment for us – even though for many this is what first will come to mind. It is a bit of a trick – as most responses are ‘What?’ – and with that we immediately introduce an idea of curiosity or question. It is perhaps even a bit uncomfortable to a degree. Mayonnaise as a company of creative direction is set out to initiate that response of wonder and curiosity. Open a new window for a new perspective. We also felt that ‘Mayonnaise’ as word – sonically sounds perfect – and while testing images with the word ‘Mayonnaise’ it consistently made sense.  At the end of the day – it really doesn’t matter so much how you call yourself or describe yourself – it was you do is what really makes a difference.


NEW IS NOT ALONEAll  of us understand image through the knowledge of what we already have acquired (in the past). The database in our heads – works much like a calculator, 1+1= 2. This is how we can resolve certain problems or decipher what we read and see. Image and text, as two different components – opposing influences and references. There is no real newness, only the knowledge that is already present. This is why there is a diversity of what people regard as ‘beautiful’ or ‘ugly’, ‘modern’ or ‘old news’. All depending on the scale of your own database, you feel justified to judge the quality of image. As people’s database – and the development of technology with that – learned to understand the artistry beyond technique. On the same account the entire Internet Art movement, can considered a debate on originality – as the method of re-appropriation is devised as means of individual expression. Point of the matter, that at the end of the day once our ideas are out in the world, they are not ours to keep. Only through context we can give meaning to a narrative that testifies a certain individual emotion, while borrowed from something that once was.

For the identity we are interested in the re-appropriation of references. Present the oddity of a name like Mayonnaise in a jacket that seems recognizable in a classical or institutional form. As much as I love trends within ‘graphic design’ like the usage of the ‘kabel’ typeface – I feel this is very periodical. The concept could depart from something institutionalized. Something we know and understand – generally speaking. Creating a moment of confusion with the implementation of Mayonnaise as a word. 

Taking the opportunity to keep this “brand” alive in a visual way but changing their meaning was a challenge I loved to go for. While creating the “logo” of the company Mayonnaise I realized that having a two NN of MayoNNaise had an illustrative narrative to the idea of a duo or two towers. Since the Marlboro original Logo had these hidden messages we embraced as well some hidden topics next to it.  Since the duo JILL & JOFF fondant the agency I decided to keep the duo as a concept present trough further documents and website such as the double columns in a letter head or the website that shows always two images next to each-other and the Navigation of the website which has a slide the devised the website always in two. 

A significant element in the identity was to reuse the attentive/dangerous language of the black frames of a cigarettes package. This black frame became for the identity a important element to point out certain parts in a loud placative way. It became an addition to something that could be written bold or be underlined.

To emphasize the meaning of the identity in a most public, poetic and popular language I decided to include existing lyrics from i.e. Michael Jackson, then changing some words to change the meaning. His signals M.J. as well got changed to M.J.J., which refers now to Mayonnaise/JILL/ This idea refers on the debate of originality and the references you always carry with you.

To have the online world present as well in the printed matter part of the corporate identity we decided to use Typefaces from popular Social-media platforms such as Youtube and Facebook. As well as embracing the powerful meaning of the word LIKE (which became an identity of Facebook) for linking from the website to the Facebook Mayonnaise page we thought is a direct and smart way to navigate our visitors. So the whole corporate identity is build up with full of visual references that we descried to expose in obvious language.

Documentation of the corporate identity
Here the same approach. By thinking of how to documented this unusual CI of a company for creative direction I knew that I have to think out of the box on how today’s Graphic Works are presented and documented. Since this company is mostly focused on art direction and is having clients in the field fashion & art for editorial, curational and experiential projects – I decided to show the CI in a parody documentation that has a cinematic association and editorial atmosphere. Such as seen in Fashion Magazines or in Perfume commercials or even in a B movie scene. By showing Mayonnaise CI like this, we created one more visual layer on references and associations we love.

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