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Publication > 11.6 Calendar


by TOFU Studio

As in previous years, TOFU Studio has prepared a charity calendar, which  main goal was to support image building activities of the chosen foundation. Calendar for 2019 was dedicated to Warsaw-based Empowering Children Foundation that protects children from harm; and helps those children who have experienced violence and abuse.
The theme of this year’s calendar is a journey from the macro world to the micro world. The publication has a board game form with 12 boards and attached pawns and a cube. The quarters of the year in the calendar were divided thematically into SPACE, EARTH, MAN and MATTER. Each of the calendar’s cards is devoted to a different topic presented by illustration and touched upon with questions in the game. The game pawns represent the main characters of the calendar- the aliens, who came to Earth and try to get to know it.
In addition, each of the calendar’s cards has perforation, allowing easy separation of the board from the calendar. The boards can therefore can be used without any problems in next years.

  • Creative Directors Adam Chyliński, Daniel Naborowski, prof. Sebastian Maćkowski
  • Art Directors Adam Chyliński, Sławomir Zieliński
  • Designers Marcin Chyliński, Paulina Kozicka, Adrian Samselski, Agnieszka Kotowska
  • Illustrators Paulina Kozicka
  • Photographers Adrian Samselski, Sławek Zieliński
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Natalia Soszyńska; Daniel Naborowski
  • Print Manager Pawel Morawczyński / NORMEX
  • Daniel Naborowski Project Manager
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