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Migros. Suisse Mania

by Hinderling Volkart part of Dept

Suisse Mania is an immersive experience based on cutting edge WebGL-Technology. The website promotes Migros, Switzerland’s largest retail company, and raises the awareness of Switzerland and its broad diversity to its customers. 
Dive into an interactive journey through beautiful Switzerland: Fly over a huge 3D-Map of the tiny country and discover its most important monuments from a bird’s eye perspective. The altitude and angle can be freely adjusted.
Get on the hot air ballon and start exploring!

  • Creative Directors Michael Hinderling
  • Art Directors Michel Luarasi
  • Designers Michel Luarasi, Alfatih and Tunay
  • Illustrators Jonathan Geissberger
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Ruedi Wegmann
  • Project Manager Danilo Maag
  • Consulting Claudia Widmann
  • Head of Development Michael Bischof
  • Web and Backend Development Agigen
  • WebGL Development Goo Technologies
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