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Mijn 1/4

by Vandenberg | Concept, design, print & online

My diary, one year, four parts. Because a year simply consists of parts. Beautiful and special ones, but also unpleasant and complicated ones. Nevertheless, we believe that every year can be a great year; it all depends on which part you put your focus. One part could after all balance the other one out. Vandenberg hopes for everyone that 2014 will be more than the sum of all parts.

This year, next to the design and printing a deliberate choice has been made for a binding style that was completely realised in-house. The fifth diary in a row, the first to succeed in that!

The cover, on thin but sturdy grey board is largely made up of parts of photos. This comprises four books which together form the year, and are fixed with copper staples. The whole is held together with a fancy elastic band.

  • Creative Directors Erik van den Berg
  • Art Directors Esther Winnubst
  • Designers Kim Leerintveld, Thea van Rhenen, Marjolijn Verheul en Esther Winnubst
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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