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Mikkeller + Bedow

by Bedow

Brewmaster—and former physics teacher— Mikkel Borg Bjergsø has always been interested in experimenting. Ever since he started his brewery Mikkeller in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2005, he’s been experimenting with malt, hop, yeast and water and managed to brew beer that reminds of flavours ranging from champagne to fried bacon. With this progressive approach Bjergsø have interpreted the four seasons into four beers due to be released during 2012. In the same way as the beer interprets the seasons, so would the packaging. With a heat sensitive color and two simple symbols you could imitate the changes between the different seasons. When the beer is cold a symbol representing the previous season is shown, but when the beer gets warm the heat sensitive color fades away and leaves a symbol representing the current season. The series include a Pale Spring Ale, a Summer Pilsner, an Autumn Porter and a Wild Winter Ale.

  • Creative Directors Perniclas Bedow
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Anders Bollman
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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