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Mind the Facts

by Lava

About MTF

The rise of digital media has empowered people worldwide, but also enabled the spread of disinformation and undermined the freedom of independent journalism as we know it. Mind The Facts is a brand new journalism platform that claims back this freedom. It shares stories on a wide range of topics, from perspectives all over Europe. Breaking language bubbles, unveiling relevant facts, using a fair retribution system for the writers and contributors.


Mind The Facts addresses people who are looking for a different way to consume journalism. For writers and readers that want their curiosity triggered, their perspectives expanded and are not afraid of a bold tone. Mind The Facts also created a fairer retribution system for the writers and contributors.

Design concept
As we move forward, independent professional journalism will be more important than ever in helping people understand the major challenges and opportunities facing us. A platform for this should breathe freedom and vibrate boldness. Should be inviting for a wide range of both creators as readers. But mostly, should challenge anyone to alter their perspective.
By circling around something, looking at it from different angles, you observe it from different perspectives. This principle is the core of the concept. We developed an identity that uses this movement on key moments of interaction with the audience. While reading, observing, writing, everyone is constantly triggered to alter perspective.

We combined an impactful font (Druk) with a serif with a twist (Arnhem), and added an extra font for perfect readability (Arimo).


We used the colours of the European flag (darkblue and yellow) and gave them a modern and cheeky twist. We added complementary colour to make the full palet work on a wide range of touchpoint.

Website experience
The concept of changing perspective is the core of the website experience. Since both content and aesthetic live by this behaviour, they enrich each other throughout the website. In design the changing perspective is applied on headlines, translated into illustrations and shown in interactions. The motion of the elements is controlled by the reader’s behaviours. Since we have little control over imagery on the website, we designed it in a way that it not depends on great imagery. We created an environment where all elements of a brand enrich each other, in stead of depend on each other.
We’ve developed the entire website in-house, including frontend and backend development.

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