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Miro and its collaborative characters

by Verve by Vruchtvlees

Miro is a platform for new ideas used by teams like Netflix, Spotify and Twitter, to develop the next big thing and get people aligned fast. We shifted focus from the technical functionalities of the tool to the human impact and benefits where the tool becomes the helper, and the user becomes the hero.

The dawning trend of working remotely in distributed teams can make teamwork very challenging. But working in a team is also immensely rewarding. Miro hits the sweet spot: they make sure that everyone speaks the same professional language, by providing them with the right tools. Challenging and supporting their users to make great things.

We captured the joy and dynamic spirit of distributed teamwork in a visual system called 'Collaborative Characters' – a set of flexible shapes that represent members of a team complementing each other with specific skills. The Characters can shift shape to convey meaning on their own or serve as a background for content.
The visual system is paired with a vibrant color palette and a combination of typefaces that represent the supportive and challenging personality of the Miro brand. An illustration style with a human touch pulls the brand out of the digital realm and makes it relatable for the millions of users engaging with the Miro tools every day.
Being a digital-first tool, the identity communicates and builds a brand story on many different levels. From motion principles to UX/UI micro-interactions and app icons: the elaborate design system helps the remote team of Miro to build a consistent brand experience on every touchpoint.

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  • Motion Niels Gerson Lohman x Verve by Vruchtvlees
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