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Miscellaneous > 17.5 Digital Installations

Mixed reality

by Inty

Entry Description
It is the Mount Everest of digital visualizations, a Star Trek-induced childhood dream, the ultimate challenge: the hologram. Although a true hologram has not yet been realized, there are many workarounds and approximations. One impressive holographic installation has just recently been put into reality by the Russian agency Inty for the Moscow City Government. Inty team was able to design visually stunning content that emanated true plasticity on three image layers.
The target aim of the installation was to show clients materials in the way that everyone remember it. We had to make something that will be a good eyegrabber for the audience of the exchibition. The materials were quite boring and our task was to demonstrate it in an attractive way, not loosing plot of these materials.
We used the traditional Pepper’s Ghost concept. The setup itself consisted of a LED backdrop wall, three projectors for the floor and LED mounted to the ceiling (hologram). Using of the projectors gave the opportunity to extend animations from the backdrop wall via the floor onto the holographic foil. Also, they added plasticity to the hologram by providing it with an animated shadow – a simple idea that made all the difference. We have never seen anyone creating such setup.
With 3 individual image sources, the synchronization was a bit of a problem, not so much in terms of playout, but rather during the design process. We created our own UI for a designers to make them work in general animation channel of entire scene. With different markers, we then distributed the content to its corresponding machines. The setup was organized in such way that audience stand on the same level as the hologram. That make it look more real beacause noone could see the decorations.
Proof of Eligibility
The installation worked for 7 days and then was de-constructed. The target audience was BTG segment major of the Moscow city, headquarters of the energy Ministry. On the last day the installation was used by citizens of Moscow.

  • Creative Directors Sergey Startsev, Denis Nikitin, Aleksandr Volkov, Daniel Kosinsky
  • Art Directors Aleksandr Volkov
  • Designers Aleksandr Volkov, Liubov Metelitsa, Denis Nikitin
  • Illustrators Denis Nikitin
  • Photographers Roman Sokolov
  • Editors Ani Davtyan, Andrey Ustinov
  • Copywriters Ani Davtyan, Andrey Ustinov
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