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Moby Dick

by Goyo Rodríguez Creativo

Illustrations for an adaptation of the Classic “Moby Dick”. The irrational obsession for revenge of a man who wants to end at all costs with the one he considers his enemy.
A must-have adventure novel, a compendium about whalers and the sea and a classic of world literature of all times.
Conceptual images to try to show the essence of this huge work. For this work I have made 29 large-format pencil illustrations which have been subsequently inked and coloured by computer. Working with the original novel, I realized that capturing the ideas of the text in the most faithful way required a more special color treatment. Playing with ranges of blues and marine tones has allowed me to better dive between the chapters and the ideas in the book. Facing a work like this requires, above all, a lot of study and previous analysis. It is perhaps the most important part for me as an illustrator, and the one I invest the most time in before I pick up a pencil and start drawing. This publication becomes a 200-page adaptation, but it is very important to work on the original work, almost 900 pages, to capture its essence. “Moby Dick” is part of the “Custom Classics” collection of Anaya Infantil y Juvenil. A collection so that the great classics of literature remain alive in the classroom, are understood and enjoyed. With an accessible language for the students. Preserving the stylistic richness of each work and each author.
Illustrating a book is always exciting, but if that book is also a Classic of Universal Literature, the challenge becomes formidable.
Rediscovering a great Classic of Universal Literature adapted to a young audience, through illustrations full of symbolism. Images camouflaged in other images that tell us about what is hidden between its pages.

  • Creative Directors Goyo Rodríguez
  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators Goyo Rodríguez
  • Photographers
  • Editors Pablo Cruz / Rocío Alarcos
  • Copywriters
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