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modular Youth Festival

by KW NEUN Grafikagentur

Young people’s culture needs and promotes those taking part to show initiative. The “modular”-Festival is no exception in this sense, even going to the lengths of writing this on the flags. Workshops, discussion groups and events form a diverse and above all active programme. The appearance is intended to express this and give everyone the opportunity to become active themselves and reproduce the graphic elements. To create the branding simply, distinctively and in a reproducible manner, the design resources were reduced to a simple base: white paint and black tape. In this way a variety of everyday objects involving the topic of youth culture were painted white, arranged, processed with tape, and thus converted into an advertising vehicle for the Festival. Through the choice of objects and the different ways they were taped, it was possible to make reference to the contents to be conveyed in individual motifs. In addition a pool of individual motifs were produced with which the Festival organisers were able to create their own, extremely cheap advertising resources (black-and-white, no agency costs).

  • Creative Directors Artur Gulbicki
  • Art Directors Mara Weyel, Christoph Sauter
  • Designers Anja Geier, Marta Marek, Tobias Sommer
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Christoph Sauter, Mara Weyel
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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