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Publication > 11.3 Artistic Catalogue

Moholy-Nagy and the New Typography / Moholy-Nagy und die Neue Typografie

by Institute Designlab Gutenberg, Hochschule Mainz

The extensive publication documents a 3-year research project on the occasion of the National Bauhaus
Year by the editors and Designlab Gutenberg. It brings together the exhibition panels by the bauhaus master László Moholy-
Nagy, recently rediscovered in the Berlin Art Library, which are illuminated with
characteristic keywords by renowned authors* by means of an “Abcdarium” from A
for Akzidentien to Z for Zeitungsdesign. Through associative cross-reading, the
typographic cosmos of ideas of the avant-garde of the 1920s can be experienced again.
Format: 24 × 30 cm, 256 pages,
register punching. English and German Edition.

  • Creative Directors Julia Neller/Berlin, Isabel Naegele/Darmstadt
  • Art Directors Isabel Naegele, isan design darmstadt
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Dietmar Katz/Berlin, Isabel Naegele/Darmstadt
  • Editors Petra Eisele, Isabel Naegele, Michael Lailach
  • Copywriters Peter Bilak, Torsten Blume, Günther Karl Bose, Gerda Breuer, Ute Brüning, Jeannine Fiedler, Gerd Fleischmann, Berd Freese, Steven Heller, Gerulf Hirt, Richard Hollis, Annette Ludwig, Ellen Lupton, Julia Meer, Claudio Müller, Christoph Reske, Susanne Richter, Patrick Rössler, Schumacher-Gebler, Michael Siebenbrodt, Erik Spiekermann, Merse Szeredi, Ferdinand Ulrich
  • Production Druckerei Kettler, Bönen
  • Project assistant Julai Neller
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