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Mòlt. Obrador de pa

by democràcia estudio

Mòlt. Bakery
A brand created by the movement of a wheat grain mill.

The client is a kitchen lover and everything that implies ‘handmade’. Things that may seem simple, but require a lot of care and dedication. Bread, the most basic element in gastronomy, must be fundamental in a good meal. That is the reason why Mòlt was born.

Bread made by hand with sourdough, naturally fermented with raw materials of proximity and ecological. We respect our farmers and promote the local economy.

Mòlt deserved to have visibility. If we say that the fluorescent red represents the fire and the grey the flour we would be redundant. We simply seek an image that is capable of transmitting values and personality. Making bread is easy, but making it different and putting a differential stamp on it is a more complex task. To represent all this in a brand is Mòlt.

  • Creative Directors Javier Tortosa, Migue Martí
  • Art Directors Javier Tortosa, Migue Martí
  • Designers Javier Tortosa, Migue Martí
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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