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Monitoring Powietrza / Air Quality Monitoring

by ASP Katowice

Using the archive data provided by Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas in Katowice (Capital of Silesia – industrial region of Poland), I did a visualization showing twenty years of records indicating air pollution by three chemical compounds [SO2, NO2, PM10 (coal dust)]. The aim of the project was to give simple and accesssible reference of changing air qualities within three different eco- and politicaly established standards. It is clearly visible how the term “air quality” can be manipulated for the political or economical reasons.Project consist of 19 large scale printed displays (14 for each year + introduction + 4 sets). Each piece shows three compounds polluting the air, for each year, related to three standards established for 3 units of time 1. year2. 24 hours3. 1 hour (or 30 minutes for particular years),and related to three political standards established in:1. 03.04.2008 (European Union Standard)2. present year standard (miniature)3. 1998 (Polish Government Standard) The color range is showing quality standard: from blue – clean air (0% pollution), going to black (maximum acceptable pollution 100%) and reds exceeding acceptable pollution up to 200% (state of emergency). White gaps indicates lack of data (also the reason of missing displays between 1992?1997).

  • Creative Directors Anna Kopaczewska
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