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Monkey 47 - Schwarzwald Dry Gin

by Discodoener Grafik Design

Monkey 47 is the first dry gin to originate from the Black Forest.It unites British traditions, the exoticism of India, and the rustic feel of the Black Forest. In line with the unique recipe, we took our inspiration from an old, British colonial stamp. Each element, from the monkey after which the product is named to the Black Forest landscape contrasting with the exotic, Indian panorama, has been depicted in the style of old, copper engravings.A fine, concave bottle, reminiscent of old pharmacy bottles, has been designed especially for this gin. A special cork with a metal ring completes the picture.A unique gin – in unique packaging!

  • Creative Directors Pit Lederle
  • Art Directors Peter Palec
  • Designers Dirk Bamberger
  • Illustrators Sasa Zivkovic
  • Photographers Peter Palec
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Joseph Liebl
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