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Mooi Nederland 2009

by Silo

In the past 5 years TNT Post has anually published a series of stamps to commemorate various Dutch cities, called ‘Mooi Nederland’.
In 2009 Silo designed a series of stamps for the cities of Assen, Tilburg, Roosendaal, Oosterhout and Delfzijl. These smaller and not so famous cities are hard to visualise by only their buildings or unremarkable skyline. The concept focuses on old sayings, remarkable objects and historical observations. It is the story behind the surroundings which bring a city to life. Together, these collected details tell a more complete story of the five cities.

For this project Silo did all of the research, wrote all the texts and created the illustrations to finalize the design of the stamps. According to the client, this series holds the record for the greatest density of information printed on a stamp sheet.

The series Mooi Nederland 2009 consists of five individual city stamp sheets and one collected sheet with all five city stamps.

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