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by Kristýna Greplová

The 600-page publication in two volumes (225 x 225 x 30 / each) offers an overview of work of students and graduates of the Prague Studio of Graphic Design and Visual Communication of the last 7 years. When opening it, it is like opening an imaginary door to the Studio. At the same time it can become a source of inspiration for graphic design lovers and it can please everyone, who is in favor of youth. The book with many pictures and accompanying texts documents different approaches and introduces the concepts of individual students. Solving thematic tasks is often bold, even provocative, but always capable of realization. The book design is thus formed to let the individual works excel and stand on their own, but also for the book to work as a compact unit that shows the growing fresh graphic design in the country. Iridescent printing (transition) has been used for the book covers, directly from the cylinder offset presses, where the colours were gradually spilled and mixed together. Every piece of the book is thus original. The first and the second volume of the book always has the same iris, only about 180° rotated. The whole package includes two books. The book covers have eight different colours, thus one can choose according to their colour preferences, and the same applies to the box, which is printed with various graphic motives.

  • Creative Directors prof. akad. mal. Rostislav Vaněk
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Kristýna Greplová
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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