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Morssinkhof GWW

by Televisuals

Morssinkhof Group is a Company seated in the Netherlands, that manufactures concrete products. We were asked to make an earth breaking animation for this -in every respect- very rigid kind of product. The purpose of the animation is a better external communicaton and a lively promotion on trade fairs. We were given carte blanche by the communication department, with only one slightly difficult obstacle: they showed us an inspiring fully 3D designed commercial video of stone factory. A great challenge for us as we are a 2D design studio.First thing we planned a brainstorm session to figure out which conceptual path to follow. We sorted out the production process of the concrete products and came up with a company diagram. The diagram showed us that the leading products are concrete tiles and a paving stones. The concept was born, every step in the production process was going to be showed on a separate ?concrete? tile, like small independent worlds. The tiles should be connected to each other somehow to show the production chain of the company. So the concept was born, but then there also was the style of the full 3D commercial… We came up with an isometric solution for the tiles and all the other elements. For the presentation of the concept we designed recognizable elements like the concrete tile, the main factory and a supplying ship. And to crown it all we came up with the idea for a funny clich

  • Creative Directors Dennis Heida Televisuals
  • Art Directors Dennis Heida Televisuals/ Roald Vergeer RontAmsterdam
  • Designers Dennis Heida Televisuals
  • Illustrators Roald Vergeer RontAmsterdam
  • Photographers
  • Editors Dennis Heida Televisuals
  • Copywriters
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