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Publication > 11.4 Magazine

«Moscow heritage»

by Shuka Design

In 2013 we continued to work on Moscow heritage magazine. We were starting this project in 2012 we wanted to change the magazine each year giving architecture and lifestyle a new look. We have agreed that two parts of the magazine will tie all the layouts together. This time one part of the magazine will be dedicated to the objects of heritage while another part — to the environment surround these objects. The parts are connected through the covers outside and details inside on the edge of parts. Five numbers 2013 are revealing the heritage of Moscow suburbs: north, south, west, east and recently connected territories confronted by the heart Kremlin. Magazine logo issue and the title are placed on four edges of the cover as parts of the word. The logo is flowing through the back and ties 2 parts together.

  • Creative Directors Natalia Zhukova
  • Art Directors Ivan Vasin
  • Designers Ekatreina Daugel-Dauge, Emma lapkina
  • Illustrators Rodion Kitaev, Ekatreina Daugel-Dauge, Olga Leontieva
  • Photographers various contributors
  • Editors Yana Mirontseva, Renata Serebryakova
  • Copywriters various contributors
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