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«Moscow heritage»

by Shuka Design

”Moscow Heritage” is the only magazine in Moscow that addresses the topic of the capital’s cultural heritage. The project client is the Department of Cultural Heritage of Moscow, which has seen a recent influx of young ministers and advisers. In previous years, the policy of the city authorities led to the demolition and the inevitable destruction of old monuments. Thankfully, now the course seems to have changed for the better. The main aim of the publication is exposure — to alert  Muscovites to the issue of preservation of unique monuments, and to cultivate their love for Moscow. The magazine is distributed free of charge in Moscow cafes, exhibition halls and universities. The magazine is issued monthly. The design was updated by Shuka in 2012. To date 10 issues incorporating the new design have been printed. 
The magazine consists of two parts —  two groups of meanings: an analytical part of 16 pages, with dimensions of 200×300 mm, and 48 pages with popular and practical content — sized at 300×400 mm. For this reason the magazine has two covers. The table of contents is located on the small exterior cover. The main photo big photo which is associated with the main subject of issue is located on the large cover. The table of contents partially conceals the key artistic image. This composition creates the necessary intrigue to motivate the reader to open the magazine. The large format was specifically chosen in order to increase the significance of magazine and subject matter. The large sizes makes it impossible to fold it and put it in a bag — it requires care and responsible reading. The magazine is printed on offset paper in 5 colours. Each issue is assigned a new colour that runs through the entire issue.

  • Creative Directors Natalia Zhukova
  • Art Directors Ivan Vasin
  • Designers Ekatreina Daugel-Dauge
  • Illustrators various contributors
  • Photographers various contributors
  • Editors Yana Mirontseva, Renata Serebryakova
  • Copywriters various contributors
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