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Publication > 11.5 Annual Report

Movetia Annual Report and Statistics

by Hahn+Zimmermann

The annual reporting of «Movetia» consists of three publications, which provide information about the varied activities of the national agency for mobility and exchange in education and training.
One publication contains the usual elements of an annual report such as finances and a detailed report about the activities of the company.
The two additional publications give a more visual insight in the national and international activities of the agency by the means of descriptive and manifold visualizations. The publication about the national exchanges for example characterises each of the 26 cantons in Switzerland by a sankey diagram that gives an insight in how many single or group mobilities took place, from which grade the pupils are and in which language region in Switzerland they are moving. The publication about international mobilities compares – among other topics – the exchanges in the context of studies or internships.
The target audience of the publications are people from the education sector and education policy as well as institutions, schools and universities that provide exchange and mobility programs. The publications were published in three and four languages respectively.
The aim of the publications is to give a clear insight into the manifold exchange programs and opportunities and to encourage schools, companies and institutions to participate in the mobility programs.

  • Creative Directors Barbara Hahn, Christine Zimmermann
  • Art Directors Barbara Hahn, Christine Zimmermann
  • Designers Barbara Hahn, Christine Zimmermann
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Christine Keller, Kathrin Müller
  • Copywriters
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