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MOXY — Software & Design Studio


The new moxy.studio website is the crystallisation of a deep desire to push boundaries on the web.
Dissatisfied with the status quo, we at MOXY decided to invest in R&D of techniques and technologies that would allow us to do more than the average vanilla tasting website, for clients that are also not happy with tasting similar to everyone else, and wish to stand out from the pack.
For the past few years, we’ve seen a rise of what we playfully call “Bootstrap design”, in the sense that a lot of websites look very similar, just slightly different themes.
Our founders have been around for a while, and coming from a background where experiential Flash websites had such an expression on the web, we wanted to bring back some of that sense of wonder.
The new moxy.studio website is the result of a significant investment in R&D, using, among other things, WebGL technology to create an impactful experience in a 3D environment, without compromising on the compatibility and standard compliance. This means that regardless of the platform used to access the website, users get a performant experience adjusted to the capabilities of their device, and even to their special needs, should they be visually impaired.
While this graceful adaptation should be a standard for any professionally built website, it usually comes at a significant cost of reducing the “wow effect” and going for bland solutions, which typically excludes using the cutting edge capabilities of the web.

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