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MS-Press Calendar

by Crolla Lowis

Desk pad calendars — found in every office in every city, a convenient place to both keep an eye on the date, jot down quick notes and give your mind the occasional break by creating a spontaneous ballpoint pen masterpiece. 
Commissioned by MS-Press (print office and media services), we designed this calendar as a promotional gift to business contacts. Our vision: Giving desk pad calendars a modern and creative spin with a minimalistic design and a new, fun way of noting down your important appointments.
The calendar contains three alternating page layouts to meet a variety of needs and preferences. While all of them are built into a simple and clean dot grid, the first of them offers a standard overview of the months while leaving enough room for notes to be written either in connection to a day/month or separately.
It’s the second page layout that is the most unconventional out of them, however, showing two weeks by arranging the hours from one to twelve in a clockwise circle around each day. This allows a playful yet efficient way of connecting your notes to a specific day and time or even timespan.
The third page depicts the skyline of Aachen in the form of an ASCII code image. In order to retain the minimalistic air of the calendar, we decided against the use of an actual photo, instead choosing to build a bridge between digital and traditional media by taking a more abstract, cleaner approach. This page ties together the message of locality with a space to freely take notes.

  • Creative Directors Thomas Crolla
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Jana Stolle
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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