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Musée Dräi Eechelen

by apart

The agency apart created a new logo for the ”Museum Dräi Eechelen” which is the fortress museum of Luxembourg.This museum is located on the site of fort Thüngen, which is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO and is built according to the plans of the famous French military architect Vauban.
Nothing remained of the fort except the three round towers called ”Dräi Eechelen” that give the name to the museum and form its entrance. The three towers of the logo refer to both the architectural silhouette of the three towers and the image of  the ”fortress” in the collective unconscious of the public.
The towers in the logo stand for the letter ”M”  of the word ”museum”. Thus the theme of the fortress, which is absent in the name ”Museum Dräi Eechelen” is returned by the image of the towers. In this way, the logo informs Luxemburgs and the international public about the content of the museum.

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