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MUV - Mobilidade Urbana de Viseu

by Razão - Estratégia, Criatividade e Gestão da Comunicação

Viseu, like many other portuguese cities, still suffers from high dependence on private vehicles and low aspirational value for public transportation. The challenge was to develop an image and unifying language able to cover a transportation hub ranging from buses, on-demand transportation, cycling, parking and others. A vibrant image, able to stand out in the urban setting and promote a better use of public transport.
Strategy and Concept
The founding principles that assisted the design of “MUV – Mobilidade Urbana de Viseu” make this a more engaging system than a mere urban mobility project. From inception, the idea was to draw values straight from the community and convert them to the service of a mobilization – for more sustainable habits, for the decongestion of the common spaces, for the democratization of transport.
The brand developed is supported by the concepts inherent to this movement: change, course, mobilization, travel, motricity, urbanity and universality. Based on this cosmos, the brand is built out of specific strands: a continuous line, unbroken; opend-ended, as though travelling further; and a solid hue drawn from the city’s colors – which, in a happy coincidence, work well for signage visibility.
The brand finds its most synthetic expression in the form of the ’V’ symbol – a reduction to the essential that simultaneously carries further readings. A V for Viseu, for victory, for voyage, a salute to the idea of mobilization. It is simultaneously shorthand for the brand, and a broad signifier for the system.
The radial nature of the services is more evident in the first of three lenses in use in the network map – first: commuting from the most peripheral areas by bus; second: circular routes in the city itself along with the added modes of transport; third: the detailed twists and turns in the historic city center.
The system itself brings together several modes of transport found in the city. For each, a visually distinctive icon was drawn, based on the selected typeface and following closely the tenets that assisted in the making of the brand. Each one is also corresponded to a particular color in the system, allowing for its quick identification in signage.
The role of signage as the facilitator of information exchange with the population was translated in a language of easy assimilation, as economical as possible. The vibrant color allows the physical pieces to stand out amid the trappings of an urban setting, promoting the use of better public transport.
As the main ambassadors, the lively yellow was chosen as the dominant color in the bus fleet, allowing them to easily stand out in traffic. The brand itself is in evidence on all four sides of the vehicle.
Although still in its early stages, the MUV communication project can boast of an already profound integration in Viseu’s urban trappings. The bus stop signals, the mapping on stop shelters and buses, the fleet colors – all contribute to the dissemination of the core principle in the creation of the system. All these strands come together to weave one full experience: travel in comfort , with the safety of ready information standing by, and use of the city as the driving motivation.
But this is still an early stage, with a main concern having been establishing a frame able to withstand the growth of the brand, as it assumes a more and more central role in the city’s mobility.

  • Creative Directors Anselmo Canha
  • Art Directors João Carlos Soares
  • Designers Henrique Valente, Pedro Bento
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Francisco Pedro
  • Project Director Luísa Carvalho
  • Project Manager Ricardo Alves
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