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My research Dashboard


Elsevier’s My Research Dashboard (MRD) is a new service that allows users, academic authors, to quickly and easily understand how their publications are being read, shared and cited.

MRD shows the global impact of the research, from the most recent articles as well as continuous relevance of their past work. Every month, it provides updates on a variety of metrics:
— Early feedback about how your publication is being downloaded, shared and cited;
— Data about where in the world and what disciplines your readers are in;
— Detailed information about how your publications are being discovered;
— Information on usage in social platforms such as Mendeley;
— Mentions in mass media through press releases or expert opinions.

In all of these topics, the platform provides a direct highlight of the most important information, as well as providing a deep-dive to see the full details.

Connecting the power of Elsevier’s complete product portfolio, My Research Dashboard showcases a comprehensive overview of all your publications and it’s global impact your output is having. The dashboard combines content, design, technology and researcher networks in revolutionary new product for the scientific field.

  • Creative Directors Thomas Clever, Gert Franke
  • Art Directors Thomas Clever, Pietro Lodi, Wouter van Dijk
  • Designers Pietro Lodi
  • Illustrators Roland MacDonald
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Developers Jan Hoogeveen
  • UX designer Wouter van Dijk
  • Development Jan Hoogeveen, Mark Haasjes
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