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My secret

by Vandenberg | Concept, design, print & online

Nowadays we live in a world
in which we share everything
and little remains hidden.
Often, the need to share is bigger
than keeping something secret.

Therefore, we proudly unveil, for you personally, the 2015 diary.
 Not to share, but to keep your appointments, moments and thoughts to yourself.

On behalf of the Vandenberg team we wish you a beautiful year in which we want to entrust you some secrets. 


92 x 140 mm


160 ”regular” pages inside and 36 triangularly folded pages + front and back cover


’normal’ pages: Clairefontaine pearl gray 80 grams

‘triangular’ pages: Olin Regular absolute white 50 grams

front and back cover: black hard board 2.00 mm


’normal’ pages: double-sided black
’triangular’ pages: double-sided black and fluorescent orange 811 


‘triangular’ pages are punched, perforated and folded manually, the text block is sewn with fluorescent thread, glued and finished in with card board. The front and back cover features blind embossing. The whole is kept together with a flat elastic band and sent in a custom made case.

  • Creative Directors Erik van den Berg
  • Art Directors Esther Jansen
  • Designers Jelle van Bouwhorst, Marjolijn Broekema, Esther Jansen en Kim Leerintveld
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Creative Commons Zero
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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