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My Swinging Sixties - Gottschalks Zeitreise

by OPIUM effect GmbH

The TV channel ZDF is planning a show with the host Thomas Gottschalk, who will be going on a journey through the Sixties.

The audience should be transferred into the Swinging Sixties during the whole show.

The whole graphic, which is designed, drawn, animated and filmed by OPIUM, consists of one big show opener (25sec) and 5 theme short opener ‘Fashion’, ‘Everyday Life’, ‘Film’, ‘Music’ and ‘Love’, reminds you on the time back then. We were inspired by plastic and spandex, piece signs, the classic VW beetle, and colorful flowers.

The whole concept is running through the whole show with the typical 60ies colors, forms and textures.

But to let you completely sink into the Sixties we rebuilt in 3D all elements from back then, the lava lamp, the kitchenette, the scooter Vespa and the Volkswagen Bully.

The fascination of the whole graphic package was to combine well-known things, set into new perspectives, with trendy techniques from nowadays to reach both the older and younger generation in equal measure.

The music is also composed by OPIUM especially for this. Also here we find modern elements, which were interpreted with instruments from the 60ies to suggest a mixture of Austin Powers and The Beatles.

Moreover the host Thomas Gottschlak was filmed in a Blue Box by OPIUM in many different outfits, as a Hippie, as Oswald Kolle, as a Volkswagen Bully driver, as Charles Bronson and James Bond in ‘Thunderball’.

Attention to the light and the camera angle, like they did back then, were the basic principle for OPIUM to set the perfect and authentic look. The final product takes the audience together with Thomas Gottschalk on a journey through the wild Sixties.

OPIUM was responsible for the whole look of the graphic, from concept, logo development, shooting organization with Thomas Gottschalk, music, animation, 3D, and postproduction up to the final product : with a given time frame of 5 weeks.

  • Creative Directors Joerg Zuber (OPIUM effect)
  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Irena Pavor and Horst Schick (ZDF, Marketing/Corporate Design)
  • Copywriters
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