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by Momkai

Nalden started his blog back in 2002 and quickly established a loyal crowd in Holland and far abroad for his taste in music, design and lifestyle. Today Nalden has a large following who reads his daily messages and multimedia updates.

A good blog should be an unique expression of the author. Momkai came up with the concept of a Rich Media Application that handles like an online Operating System and includes audio & video channels, photo blogging and news items. All this can be controlled by Nalden himself due to the implementation of a custom build version of Momkai Mimotoâ?¢ CMS.

For revenues and to promote other artists a system of variable backgrounds was created. This provides the site with a completely different look every day. More recently Momkai gave Nalden the possibility to create unique photo albums. For Mobile visitors, like on an iPhone, a ghost HTML version was created for quick browsing and to keep Nalden.net followers up to date, while being on the move.

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  • Art Directors Harald Dunnink
  • Designers Harald Dunnink
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