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nanetto! — Literally: tiny dwarf!
Starting from the desire to talk about our profession and how Artemia approaches the design of communication, we have dreamed of designing a communicative artifact – a vehicle of emotions – to represent our identity. For months we have found ourselves cutting out, and out and out, removing, each time reshaping what remained, moved by the desire to communicate the essence of our idea.

Through the love for our job of graphic designers we have tried to induce the observer to focus on the concept of here and now, on that “hic et nunc” from which we come and from which we can still learn so much. Perhaps we don’t need to stuff ourselves with apps, websites, social networks… pursuing the saturation of a time that doesn’t want to be caught, but savoured.
Deprived of the chance of stopping time, we decided to narrate it, through an artifact that could best represent the graphic craft. An attempt to dignify what is at the same time the foundation, essence and history of communication design: paper.

We wanted to draw a story made of paper, ferrying the observer across a river of typography, history and atmospheres. 
Many are the giants that have carried us so far and that we wish to honour in a series of paper artifacts. Furnishing accessories that aim at showing how small our perspective is without them, once we get off those sturdy shoulders we are sitting on. 

In these years, where books and culture are undergoing a bad spell, in which printing is thought to be dead and everything becomes “light”…  we wanted to start anew from Venice, gifting a new identity to books. A new look and a new function. In order to introduce you to a new concept of books. A book which isn’t just made up of stories, characters, actions, but… a book which is made of glances. Stares, understandings, moments… spent toghether.

Visual architectures, enclosed in a book block of paper, on the surface of which, every day, different shadows will continuously appear, aimed only at narrating the passing of time and escorting the eye during its rustling. 
Hour after hour, through the shadows that are created and bloom throughout the day, a visual tale is set up between the environment and the observer, devoted to emphasize the present. 

From the moment it is freed from its cellophane, Nanetto! starts narrating the time spent together and day by day it will grow with us. The paper will change, yellowing and swelling, stained by the memories that we would have lived hand in hand, becoming a silent narrator of the fantastic journey that life represents. If it were to be smudged, scribbled on by our child, hot or cold, Nanetto! will remember… never forgetting anything.

Every day Nanetto! will reveal the flow of time through a visual architecture that shapes ever-changing shadows, depending on how the sun moves during the day and how the artificial lights will illuminate it. Then in the evening … when all the lights are turned off, and the night comes, everything comes to an end. The morning after, at the new rising, everything starts again…

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Tommaso Gentile
  • Designers Tommaso Gentile, Laura Doro, Cecilia Vanin
  • Illustrators Laura Doro
  • Photographers Simone Marcuzzo
  • Editors ARTEMIA
  • Copywriters Tommaso Gentile, Marco Zovi
  • Photo Styling Sara Sarli
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