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Nation. Empower Africa.

by Morrow B.V.

About the assignment
Nation Media Group (NMG) came to realize that to remain relevant they had to take bold steps. From being a traditional media house in East Africa to building the leading digital brand for all Africans: Nation. The challenge was to fuse current audiences and strong legacies with younger audiences and a new promise: to empower all Africans. We created a strategy and identity, rooted in African culture and tradition, that allows for a lot of flexibility. It caters to everything from news to a children’s show or fashion podcast. Allowing each and every outing to be unique while still part of the same family. An identity needed on an iterative journey into the future.
About the solution
Our concept is based on the belief that a nation is a unification of people, a spectrum of nuanced differences brought together under one flag. With NMG’s main goal to be the #1 media house in Africa, we wanted our concept to pay homage to their mantra of being for “all of Africa”. The brand had to shapeshift to suit a plethora of audiences, after all a media house has patrons who seek it out for a vast number of reasons (breaking news, finance, fashion, sport).
The design had to be contemporary, stepping away from its predecessor. We submerged designers in Kenyan and African artists, instagram feeds and many different photographers (some who ended up in the branding). We looked at favoured musicians and the imagery they focused on in their music or videos. We used shapes and colours inspired by many African flags. Like a nation, the brand and visuals tied individual elements together, never fully identifying with one body of people, instead enveloping a spectrum. It is a concept translated through colours, fonts, grid elements and graphic shapes all of which are guided by our design matrix.
About the applications
After we defined the strategy, we started implementing this plan. We did this in close collaboration with the team at NMG. What followed in quick succession was the design of the Nation brand book which then led to the creation and launch of Nation.africa. As we approached the launch, momentum continued to swell, resulting in us overseeing the national marketing campaign and rolling out a truly awesome “together we are Nation” TV commercial.
We kicked off this partnership with the aim of bringing a longstanding media house into the future. And now that’s done? Well, it turns out that was just the start of the journey.

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