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National ID Card

by TRY Apt

Secure issuance of passports and national ID cards are important crime prevention measures. Creating a broad public support for these measures, helps the Norwegian government to prevent ID misuse and other serious crimes such as work-related crime, human trafficking and terrorism.

The animated film TRY Apt produced for the Police, is part of their ongoing communication with the citizens, and it explains in a simple way what purpose a national ID card fills and who benefits from applying for it.

The animated movie was an exciting challenge to solve on the drawing board. The ID card will play an important role in society and the police follow strict routines to ensure that the card is issued to the right person. These are important messages that had to be communicated in the movie.

In order for the film not to be perceived as too serious or heavy, we therefore need to create a visually comfortable and entertaining universe to be in. The style gives the impression of following a tight design, without always following the rules of tightness.

During the process of developing the main features in the movie, a discussion arose about the main character’s gender. We have deliberately given the character vague gender-typical features. That way, the theme about the importance of details is substantiated, as well as the point that the ID card is for all Norwegian citizens.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Tord-Øystein Stubberud
  • Designers Tord-Øystein Stubberud
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Cato Gjertsen
  • Animation Tord-Øystein Stubberud
  • Sound Designer Kim M. Jensen
  • Producer Marianne Strandly
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