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Nederlands Dans Theater

by Studio Beige

– A compelling visual identity for NDT that conveys its importance as an institution.
Nederlands Dans Theater – Netherlands Dance Theatre – is a Dutch contemporary dance company founded in 1959 by members of the Dutch National Ballet. Their intention was to break away from the more traditionally oriented Dutch National Ballet. NDT is focuses on new ideas and experimentation with the exploration of new forms and techniques of dance.
NDT is about roots and traditions while simultaneously focusing on renewal and surprise. This synergy is visualised in the logo of NDT. The logo consists of two parts: the acronym ‘NDT’, set in a Serif typeface, symbolises the roots whereas the ’trickle down logo’, set in a Sans typeface, represents renewal.
Clarity, asymmetry and white space play a key role in the visual identity. Together with the dramatic and distinctive photography of Rahi Rezvani it gives the identity a unique overall look & feel.
The temperate and warm colour scheme – with hints of bright red –  are inspired by the colours often used by the choreographers in the costumes and set design of the dance pieces. 
The outspoken framing of the photography highlights the importance of the NDT dancers and together with the well balanced use of typography it suggests a kind of theatrical polyphony, or different parts coming together. A dynamic beauty that attracts and engages.
The new identity implies motion – and is designed to be powerful and reflect an elegant simplicity at the same time, like the company.
The identity is being communicated in various ways, such as on bus shelters, in magazines and newspapers, on various means of public transport and posters and brochures the world over.

  • Creative Directors Studio Beige | Masja van Deursen + Silvia Vergeer
  • Art Directors Studio Beige | Masja van Deursen + Silvia Vergeer
  • Designers Studio Beige | Masja van Deursen + Silvia Vergeer
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Rahi Rezvani
  • Editors Nederlands Dans Theater
  • Copywriters Nederlands Dans Theater
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